Historical Hereford Day 11/07/15

Sorry there have been no posts for a while.

There will be a screening of the film at 10.50am on Saturday 11th July as part of a programme of events hosted by Friends of Castle Green. See more here.

There are many other interesting talks including:

10.00am Hereford in the 1960’s – Bill Laws, Christine Earl & Lynden Haynes (45 mins)

10.50am Chewing the Cud, Catcher Media Social  (70 mins)

12.10pm Hereford Light Infantry Museum Col Andy Taylor – Power point presentation of Herefordshire regiment during WW1 (45 mins)

1.00pm Magna Carta animation film – Catherine Gilling, Fugue Vision (30 mins)

1.30pm The Recreation of Hereford Castle – Jason Hodges, Fugue Vision (30 mins)

2.30pm Rotherwas munitions factory and the Canary Girls talk by Julie Orton Davies  (45mins)

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