Old film clip of a horse auction

Here’s a great clip of the horse auctions at the old livestock market in Hereford. It was filmed by Derek Evans on a 16mm Arriflex camera, and came to light once the film had been edited. It’s in black and white in the old academy 4:3 ratio, and has no soundtrack. We hope you enjoy the clip, courtesy of Doubie Evans.

One thought on “Old film clip of a horse auction

  1. This is a classic example of some really good footage appearing once the film had been edited, but I guess this is why we’ve got this blog so that we can keep on adding interviews or other interesting interviews or footage as they appear. I know there’s lots more out there but this was never going to be completely comprehensive. Do wonder whether we ought to do a newer ‘definitive’ cut for the website once the film is put online in it’s entirety – including some extra material that surfaced after the DVD was made. Let me know if you think this is a good idea.

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