Jason Hodges’ Old Cattlemarket Painting

Local artist Jason Hodges, kindly lent us his painting of the old cattlemarket. The crew were all so knocked out by it and we wanted to show it to everyone on the blog. Jason did this work when his was an art student at the Hereford College of Art, but is still busy making work to this day. The Chewing the Cud team bumped into him at the premiere of a piece of work based on local heritage that he’d done for the Hereford River Carnival this May.

Jason used oil in a very detailed manner, and worked from a series of photographs to render the faces of the buyers and auctioneers.

“The painting was done in oil paint and and was quite an early one, painted while I was at the Hereford Art College in 1988, It was a ‘break through painting’ where I was beginning to get a feel for the oils, having only just been introduced to them on my course. It was an ‘A’ level assignment which involved taking photos of the auctions at the cattle market. I was interested in particular with capturing some of the characters in attendance in the auctions – very much a portrait study really, ” Jason adds.

Jason also told me, as I handed back the original painting on a wet Tuesday afternoon in the middle of Hereford, that one of the buyers is in fact a self-portrait, adding mischievously, “painted back when I had hair!”

Jason Hodges' old cattlemarket painting

NB: Click on the image to get a larger image in your browser

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