Cud team get-together

At the beginning of September, members of the Chewing the Cud team got together to celebrate and reflect on their achievements so far with the project, and to eat snacks lovingly prepared by Catcher Media Social’s Julia and Rick Goldsmith.

“We felt like it’d be a good to get as many of us together at this stage. We needed to check-in with everyone, and see how everyone was feeling and to talk through plans for the next couple of months,” says Julia, production manager.

“After the intensive period of collecting the stories and creating and premiering the film, we wanted to make sure that people still felt part of the project now that they were working in smaller groups touring the film around the county and conducting Q&As,” added Jo Henshaw, project manager.

There was a good turn out although some of the volunteers were unable to attend, and everyone was keen to catch up on that had been happening. People were delighted at the size of the audiences for many of the screenings – considering they were smaller venues in out-of-the-way places, audiences of 80 people were quite astonishing.

There’s still good word-of-mouth about the project and people continue to contact us to order DVD copies or ask about screenings. Nine local history societies have now requested copies to show to their groups (which they said will number between 20-50), while screening sessions at older people’s residential homes have been begun.

“It has been lovely. We’ve had people recognising us in the streets of Hereford and stopping us to say how much they enjoyed the film. This must be one of our most popular projects with Herefordshire people. Participants in the project have been getting some recognition too: Mike Phillips, the Buttermarket butcher who appeared in the film, was asked to sign a customer’s copy of the Chewing the Cud DVD this Summer. All great stuff,” adds Rick Goldsmith, creative director of the project.

The team and the volunteers discussed their schedules for upcoming screenings, and we swopped stories of things that had been shared in the Q&A sessions. Gill Bullock volunteer suggested created a geo-cache treasure hunt linked to the old market, which everyone agreed sounded exciting, once they understood geo-caching. Bethany was about to start her media degree in Bristol, and everyone wished her (and Liam and Abbey) the best of luck.

Thanks to Aimee Goldsmith for taking the photo of the team in the last of the afternoon’s sunlight.

The Cud team get-together

The Cud team get-together

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