A preview of the first cut!


It has been a long time since I wrote on the Chewing the Cud blog as I have had to take time out from the project to concentrate on college work. However, now that the dreaded January exams are over, I can get stuck in to all of the preparation ahead of the premiere of the finished film at the Borderlines Film Festival, taking place on March 11th.

After being lucky enough to take part in the filming, editing and researching, I was looking forward to seeing the first cut of the film – especially the filming that I was personally a part of! As I was unable to make the group previewing, I was emailed the link via Julia and was able to watch a version of the film, courtesy of vimeo.com. I have to say, I was not aware of how many people have already taken part in the project! There are so many great stories and little anecdotes that, when watching the film, become intertwined; it just goes to show how significant the Market was for the residents of Hereford and the surrounding areas and what a great social event it was when open.

The film itself is looking in great shape; I have not taken part in any of the editing as of yet, but commend those who have as it is looking great! Since becoming part of the project and being part of the planning process, you can really see the elements coming together really well. Lots of the film can be supported with our research, in which we have visited museums, archives and rummaged through film reels to retrieve – this will add such an edge to the film as it will incorporate the theme and feelings of the old market through authentic and original footage, as well as displaying the Markets’ modernisation and legacy through peoples’ memories. I find it extraordinary that the project itself has brought together so many people – in an interview that I helped conduct in the canteen of the new Livestock Market on Roman Road, the interviewees had not met for over FORTY years! The joy captivated by the project can be seen in everyone that has taken part, and you can tell that the market held a very special place in peoples’ hearts by the fondness in which each interviewee speaks of the excitement and business of ‘Market Day’.

After seeing the first cut of the film, and knowing that there is definitely more to come with the research to be incorporated into the text too, I can definitely say that you are all certainly in for a treat!

Written by Tilly Stanik, sixteen year old trainee

2 thoughts on “A preview of the first cut!

  1. Well Tilly that was worth the wait what a fab post, glad you are finding the film is coming together so well, as you say it will only get better.

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