Watching The Archives

Gill and Julia have been having one last pass a the 16 mm archives kindly supplied to us for the project from the Hereford Herd Society. Julia came across a real cracker with footage that featured auctioneer Bill Gallimore (father of Julian who is interviewed in the film).

We have also had offers from private individuals who have 16mm, Super 8mm and VHS footage, and are eagerly awaiting it’s arrival. Alongside this the MACE archives also have a good selection of footage from their archives which we are investigating using in the film.

Gill also spent alot of time discussing the social media aspects of the project and how this can reach out and involve more people in the project. She has alot of expertise in this area and has kindly offered to help the project broaden its social media strategy.

Coming Soon: Web Episodes – watch clips of the interviews we’ve made for the film on the Chewing the Cud YouTube channel. The episodes will feature clips that may not appear in the final programme. A great taster for the final film.

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