16/01/14 – Auction

Witnessing today’s cattle auction I am now able to visualise our documentary within the bigger picture, a necessity when portraying reality. When watching it we had to resist the urge to give the auctioneer a little wave so as not to buy ourselves a cow! Today’s shoot was not as successful as we had hoped however was just as beneficial for me, allowing me to experience the industry as it is. Sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t but this is life. My role shadowing Rick helped me learn more about the different lenses and camera set ups. Using a dolly we filmed a multiple of interior shots of the almost deserted market (once closed). These will be used to represent the transition between the old and new Livestock Market. We discussed both the bronze and silver Arts Award and what they entailed. Yet again Catcher Social Media has offered me as a young filmmaker another brilliant opportunity.

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