Viewing the First Cut

With the week of editing coming together nicely we have created an initial series of assembly edits of the 26 interviewees and a very basic theme-based first cut from these interviews (in fact two which need to be merged asap). Abbey has been working alongside us so far, Therese, Bethany, Gill and Liam joining us later in the week.

With things progressing so well, we have begun wondering what would be the best way for all of the volunteers and crew to look at the footage of the first cut so far so. Its very rough at present with interviews grouped together thematically with annotations on-screen to speed up the process. After we’ve all had a chance to watch the film, we’d like to have a group discussion about the material too so that we can make a plan for the fine cuts and final film.

Any ideas? We could have a group showing at a venue or No.50 (Rick and Julia’s house aka the Toblerone) or post online and get feedback – what do people want to do?

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