Some Script Ideas

Taking a calf to Hereford - excuse letter

Taking a calf to Hereford – excuse letter

Some script ideas gathered from meetings and discussion between volunteers and crew. An abstract approach – a more clear-cut treatment to follow:

The Livestock Market as a continuum, and a barometer of social change.

Voices from the past, the old market echoing in the shell of the new market. The new market – where the past comes alive. Shots of the empty new market contrasting with stories, archive film and photographs.

People & interviewees pose in their environment. The spaces and architecture of the new market – what has changed – what remains of the past? Voices leaking through from beyond the roof (as there used to be none), between the railings (as there used to be none) and the regimented pens.

A projection of archive film footage on someone’s hands, their hands cradling the past – someone stands next to an iPad displaying old photographs – holding photographs – grasping the past, a palpable thing.

Photographs in incongruous places e.g. the pens. People watching the archive films, feasting on the stories of the past, light reflected in the yes of their eyes.

Observing people as they talk, steam from the animals, the breath in the cold air.

The Livestock Market as a continuum, the mothership – time lapse of people coming and going. The market as a mother, stern then kindly.

Tracking back, pulling away –then drawing in, getting closer.

Crash – bang – the nitty gritty of a farmer getting up early, getting the cattle ready for the market – hustle & bustle (the here and now, just like it was in the past) and leaving, then arriving at the market in the blear dawn of winter.

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