Editing and Great News

Bethany 1st time editing with Final Cut Pro

Bethany 1st time editing with Final Cut Pro

Jumping at the opportunity to contribute towards editing in the post production stage, I was taught the basic skills needed to edit on Final Cut Pro. Sorting through the masses of footage we shot in previous sessions I pulled out what I considered to be interesting, entertaining and important for the documentary. To edit the footage the following controls were used – Apple C (copy), Apple V (paste), Apple 4 (clip list), Space (play/stop), J (Rewind), I (i) (cut in), and O (cut out). Being my first time using Final Cut Pro I was no expert however by the end of the session I was working independently and competently and made a significant contribution towards the project, editing the interviews with Dennis Schiavon and Rosemary Lillico. Whilst working alongside Abby, another trainee, I had the opportunity to discuss my future plans and progression into the film industry. Similarly to getting involved with “Chewing the Cud” this will be beneficial towards my career as constantly I’m building connections for both now and in the future. The only technical difficulty we faced during the session was minor, closing the software without saving my work could have been a disaster, however this was resolved by auto save. Today we were told extremely good news that our documentary film would be entered into the Borderline Film Festival in March. This is an amazing achievement for any young practitioner and I’m excited to continue putting in hard work in the forth coming months.

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