High Town 20/11/13

The open event in High Town was an opportunity to publicise ‘Chewing the Cud’ and its significance within the community. Hereford’s retail market takes place on Wednesday and many of the traders used to work in the old livestock market so we had a chance to talk to them and interview on location. Compared to Friday’s session the interview style was extremely different and therefore very beneficial, widened my knowledge of alternative styles and techniques. The interviews took place in the style of a vox pop, a tool used to hear the “voice of the people”. We approached the stalls of our interviewees telling them about the project and if they would be happy to participate in the project. Due to the style of these interviews we had to understand that our interviewees may be generally more nervous as they didn’t have time to prepare so it was important to make them feel comfortable and our team was great at doing this. I learnt that unlike the staged interviews you could not control aspects such as change in light and noise so you had to do the best with what you had so using my own initiative was a necessity. I was shown how to carry the camera using the shoulder mount and had the opportunity to test this out. The project as a whole is really interesting. I’m really enjoying listening to individuals who are willing to share aspects of their lives and memories as I worked in the role of camera operator. Additionally we also captured long shots of the busy high street to give the documentary as a whole context when talking about market traders.

One thought on “High Town 20/11/13

  1. Bethany, thanks again for another really informative blog. The filming went well but at first it looked like the whole event was going to be rained off. Our display in the small marquee was almost blown away! And it was the first real cold snap of November too. The trainees were great, as they had to adapt to a new way of working – as opposed to the set-ups we had done in the livestock market and on the training days the challenge on this day was speed and spontaneity. With less time to prepare the set-up, both in terms of camera and lighting and other technical issues, but also not having as much time to chat and prepare the interviewees. But it’s all good experience for out trainees and they responded well, and everyone we spoke to had a good story to tell. It is frustrating though when people tell you some great stories but insist they don’t want to be on front of the camera.

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