Training Session 25/10/13

I was introduced to the Catcher Media Social team including trainees like myself which was exciting as everybody seemed enthused to work on ‘Chewing the Cud.’ We received an overview on the project and the logistics we needed to consider as we started our first 4 hour training session. We were introduced to the roles in documentary production which are; the director, the camera operator, the sound recordist, the producer’s assistant and finally the interviewer which we had the opportunity to experience while conducting our first interview with Dennis Schiavon. It was interesting listening to Dennis as he told us anecdotes from when he was a young boy at the Livestock Market. He was great, very dynamic on camera and I believe he will really connect with the audience keeping them entertained. Out of all the roles that I experienced, (sound recordist, director and producer’s assistant) I enjoyed directing the most as it allowed me to follow my creative direction as I had to oversee the crew. When directing I was faced with the problem of lighting due to the change in natural light. Another role which I found to be interesting was the producer’s assistant role as it meant that I really had to listen and engage with the interviewee. Another complication we faced was trying to find the right location to conduct our interview with minimum interference from reflections and echo. Three stages of production were covered in the session: development as we discussed our ideas for the project, pre-production as we organised possible interviewees into sub categories, and production when filming the interview. In a future session I hope to undergo the role of camera operator as it is one of my areas of interest as it is a strand of cinematography. My first session working on ‘Chewing the Cud’ has helped me verify to myself that the film industry is definitely where I want to work in the future.

Bethany Fitter

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