Such a great experience – Filming 15/11/13

Finding the twinkle in the eye

Whilst on location at Hereford’s Livestock Market, Roman Road, the ‘Chewing the Cud’ team and I conducted several interviews with auctioneers and woman involved. Throughout the entirety of the session I contributed towards filming as camera operator. Using the Panasonic AG AF101 with help from Rick Goldsmith, I learnt how to set a shot up and use the twinkle in the interviewee’s eye as a reference point when focusing. I believe these skills will be beneficial when working more independently. Swapping between the micro-four third lenses, Panasonic 20mm pancake lens at f1.8 (wide lens), 45mm Olympus lens at f1.7 (portraiture lens) and a Panasonic 14-140mm (zoom lens for tracking and wide shots) we managed to capture a beautiful variety of shots. When interviewing a three point lighting system was used to enhance the interviewees’ complexion, this included a 2K light with LED 300V lights. Taking advantage of natural light we captured an interview with a lovely background of golden sunlight which was projected through the blue/grey cattle shed. When filming our super sensitive sennheiser microphone picked up a lot of noise interference from a helicopter and the firing range which posed a problem. Unfortunately there was nothing we could do but wait. Yet again I was lucky enough to have another amazing experience while working with more like minded individuals.


One thought on “Such a great experience – Filming 15/11/13

  1. Bethany was a real trooper on the shoot, as were all the trainees in fact. Bethany stayed with us for a good portion of the afternoon and stayed really focused throughout. I’d be happy to have Bethany working on a crew with me any day – she has a great eye for detail, and is good company – a real asset to the team. Everything went pretty smoothly, and I think the trainees and the mentors are working well, with everyone keeping their eye on the ball.

    Saying that I’m pretty sure we were all more than ready for a rest at the end of a very busy and thoroughly interesting day, full of lovely people who were kindly giving us a chance to share aspects of their lives and memories – what an honour!

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