Scriptwriting Session

Scripting session

Scripting session

Scripting Session on Wednesday at the Herefordshire Museum Service building went well. It seems to be the unofficial hub of the project so far – with a good few meetings, interviews and training sessions having happened there already. People made it along to the workshop in good spirits through the severe traffic and the grotty weather.

The project team wanted to share some of their thoughts about the style of the film, possible themes and key people we might like to interview. Happily we have lots of people to choose from, and we stressed that even those who do not get filmed, we would like to invite them to put their stories online.

I think it’d be a good idea to post a more thorough posting when we have a script outline but in terms of themes people talked about how they didn’t want to wallow in nostalgia but show the truth of the livestock market in the past – the good sides and the not-so-good sides.We all agreed that some of the themes needed to be universal and not solely for farming folk, and thought the idea of things changing and time passing (e.g. the loss of tight knit communities and the changing nature of farming and the traders), and the sense of the livestock market as a stable thing that played host to all these different people through the ages would be good things to try and capture on video.

So to conclude for the time being everything is coming together nicely with some good ideas and some excellent people lined up to speak to. We all swopped ideas and looked back at some of the rushes from previous training sessions/interviews. The film is shaping up well – not your run-of-the-mill documentary – we want to keep the audience challenged and entertained!

Rick, Creative Director – Chewing The Cud

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