Tilly reflects on the research training

Research training session at the Herefordshire Record Office – Wednesday 16th October 2013
This two-hour training session was a chance for us, the trainees, to be taught to be able to use the Archive service confidently so that we are able to research different parts of the project independently. We were able to source and find original documents and authentic photographs that we can use in the film to develop points that people have made further, by allowing the audience to build an atmosphere and a picture of what the Livestock Market really was through time. Furthermore, it gives us the chance to find out events from newspaper clippings and other media resources that affected the Market, in both positive and negative ways, and therefore shaped people’s perceptions of the Market itself.

On arrival, we were given a short talk by Senior Archivist Rhys Griffiths. He talked us through the context of what he thought our film should cover based on his independent research, for example, that we should include the beginnings of the Market. After, he showed us a few items pulled from the Archives, which included blue prints for the original Market, and maps showing the exact location (see pics below). We were given a tour of the Archive itself, which is piled high in a perfectly organised manner. To locate exact items, there is a filing system which is incredibly easy to get your head around once you have grasped the concept. You simply find what you are looking for, write the reference number on a slip of paper and then one of the Archivists has the hard work of finding it! We gained a lot of information in which we plan to use in the final film and the visit was definitely beneficial.

Written by Tilly Stanik, 16 year old trainee

Map images courtesy of Herefordshire Records Office


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