Film making and interview training



Friday 25th October 2013 – Filming tutorial session at the Museum Resource and Training Centre.
This was an opportunity for those interested in the filming aspect of the project to get stuck in. We were first given a green Chewing the Cud folder in which has within it a collection of sheets that are going to help us with the filming, especially those of us with no previous experience, like myself! These included camera shots that would prove effective in the film and terminology. Rick then talked to the group about how shots can be put together in a variety of ways, and that in certain orders can show different messages. We were thrown in at the deep end when our first interviewee showed up early! Shortly after his arrival, we set the camera up on the ground floor of the building. This was a decision that was not met easily – everyone had their own ideas, all valid, that contributed to the positioning of the shot. With the day closing, the natural light was fading and this meant a lot of studio lights were needed to normalise this! Before we knew it, the interview was taking place and we all took part in the roles of director, sound and camera. It took a little longer than it normally would, but we came out at the end of it with some brilliant shots and of course, we’re learning! I’d like to personally thank our interviewee, Dennis Schiavon, for his patience! We have several upcoming visits to the Market in the next few weeks, and I look forward to putting my new skills to the test.

Written by Tilly Stanik , 16 year old trainee

A second session was run on Saturday 26th October for the other group of trainees

One thought on “Film making and interview training

  1. Wow – liked it – the day came back to me. Nicely written too Tilly. We watched back some of Denis’ rushes on Wednesday at the end of the scripting session. The lighting actually looked really good with the fading light! Sorry you couldn’t make it but we’ll have to watch it again soon.

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