A trip to the new Livestock Market.

Wednesday 23rd October 2013 – A trip to the new Livestock Market.
For someone who has never visited any type of livestock market in the past, the concept of spending time at one on their busiest day of the entire week was definitely a daunting prospect. The purpose of the visit was to publicise the project, get people a bit more familiar with it and maybe even grab a few eager participants to share their stories with us in front of the camera. My slot was 9:00am-11:00am, and during this time, I had lots to be getting on with. When I arrived, the market was already busy; there was buying and selling in the market and the canteen was heaving with people starting the day with a Full English. Me and Rick went into the selling ring and discussed where the best place would be to set the camera up – this proved difficult as the levels of natural light within the room was constantly changing with the rising sun. After we found a suitable place and talked through the different parts of the camera, we went and stood at the Chewing the Cud table and chatted to passers-by about the project. We spent the majority of our time there by our table, but I did have a wander around the marketplace itself – the atmosphere was buzzing! Later in the day when more people were taking part in the sales, Marsha and I took to the canteen to again, spread the message of the project and talk to others in the Farming community. My time at the Market went fast, and when I was about to leave to return to school we had set up at least one interview. Overall, the visit was a lot more relaxed than I had expected – it’s definitely something that I would love to do again!

Written by Tilly Stanik , 16 year old trainee

Rick and Abby talk to Philip Price

Rick and Abby talk to Philip Price at the new market

One thought on “A trip to the new Livestock Market.

  1. Great post Tilly – very vivid. We managed to get a great sense of where to film even though we didn’t get any interviewees when you were there, but after you left Theresa and Abby had more luck and we managed to get 6 really good interviews in the can. Glad you enjoyed the buzz of the day – we certainly met some interesting characters.

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