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This year’s Take One training day for teachers will be focused on an item from Herefordshire Museum Service’s collections that relates to the old livestock market. Every year we keep the item a secret so that on the training day we can allow teachers to follow the same learning journey that their pupils will make.

It’s much more exciting to try and guess what the Take One item could be from tantalising facts than being told what it is.

Here are some of our tantalising facts this year.

•    This item  is fragile but can last forever
•    A famous Herefordian created it
•    This object mirrors an ancient yet modern aspect of local life
•    This object relates to local, national and international trade
•    This object is a brush with the past
•    This object is used with another in a process to create something timeless.
•    Farming families would like this
•    This object is part of a constantly developing technology

Why not see if you can guess what our item is this year.  You already know more than the teachers do as it relates to the livestock market.

This year we’ve got 10 local schools and 12 teachers signed up to take part.  Aylestone Business and Enterprise college, Broadlands, Credenhill, Eardisley, Garway, Goodrich, Madley, St Thomas Cantilupe, Sutton and Wellington primary schools. It’s great that we’ve got so  many schools signed up.

Here are some of the items that were shortlisted for this year’s Take One item but missed out on becoming the final selection.

Search for more Brian Hatton paintings or here

Copyright of images Herefordshire Museum Service

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